=== BATHTUB SHITTER/DANCE HALL GRIND - limited UK digipack CD ===
is out on 28th Sep. 2011

*** information from R.R.S.S. RECORDS

Coming soon- Bathtub Shitter from Osaka, Japan have remastered their 3rd album, Dance Hall Grind and are letting us release it as a special limited u.k digipack.

Bathtub Shitter are a legendary Japanese grindcore band formed in 1996 and have one of the most infamous and lovely band names in the rock scene ever! Dance Hall Grind recorded around 2004-2005 was released by their own label, (S)Hit Jam records in '05. The album differs from Bathtubs earlier work by using elements of Avant-Garde Metal but keeping to their earlier grindcore style. This album was also the first to present more modern elements in the Asian grindcore scene since the 90's. This is one of the most important albums to come out of the recent Asian extreme music scene.

Their lyrics deal with serious, subject matters underneath all the poop references, for instance the lyrics to "Skate Of Bulgaria" tackle the subject of World War One and the Pacific War from the perspective of Bathtub Shitter and "Rest In Piss" is a meaningful dedication to Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk.

this cd will be limited to 500 copies.
this cd has been repackaged and features new artwork and 2 exclusive bonus tracks.
The bonus tracks- "The End Of The Rainbow (Japanese version)" is taken from the split 7" with Misery Index.
"P.O.P (People On The Paper)" alternate version is previously unreleased. (original version is available on the split 7" with Misery Index)

*** this cd will be available from www.riproaringshitstormrecords.bigcartel.com