BATHTUB SHITTER was formed in 1996 on the Osakan underground Hardcore/Punk scene which produced great bands as S.O.B, BOREDOMS and so on, at the beginning of this band, Keisuke resigned his own band, named EPIDEMIC CAUSE to do new music, and advertised for new member, 14th February in the same year Masato consented this call, He joined and named this band BATHTUB SHITTER, this original member including Tuyoshi and Ikeda started rehearsal in studio at once, in the same year, recorded to make 1st demo for promotion, only 20 copies, and started live show in this town,

the next year, Masato and Keisuke decided to change guitarist and bassist for ideal music style, and invited Horino and Mike to record for 2rd demo tape "DEMO 97", this line-up member did with energy, this tape sold out 1000 copies only in Japan, and changed artwork to ship for overseas, sold out more than 4000 copies in foreign underground scene by self release, BS had an offer for a 7'ep from Japanese long running DIY label MCR COMPANY. However BATHTUB SHITTER discharged Mike from this band because of his lack of guitar works. In 1998 instead of him BATHTUB SHITTER invited female guitarist named Mari as guest, and putted out split 7inch platter with DUDMAN.

In 1999 BATHTUB SHITTER invited Osho as a guitarist, and who have known Masato from childhood, what is more he had been charged of B's jacket art works. BATHTUB SHITTER joined the gateway to success for Osakan young band, Hard Core Marathon, under the auspices of TAGRAG, which resulted in same title live documentary CD "Hard Core Marathon vol. 2". BATHTUB SHITTER had some offers from foreign labels which heard stories about this band, and chose two releases from German label, T.V.G. records and U.S. label, RHETORIC records, and began recording them. The first 7'ep "FERTILIZER" was released on T.V.G. records. However another single "ONE FUN" has not been released for a long time because of RHETORIC records went bankrupt. In 2000 Masato received an ardent letter from Lee of MENACE TO SOBRIETY RECORDS, and decided to re-release demo 97' with some tracks on vinyl, and putted out as DEMO EP named "97 plus 3 SHIT POINTS". after a few days Horino left to go for his another music. And instead of him, new bassist, Morikawa joined BATHTUB SHITTER. This line-up recorded at LM studio for 10 inch vinyl named "WALL OF WORLD IS WORDS" as a limited edition of 1100 copies on German label, FAREWELL RECORDS/PLASTIC-BOMB. it was put as 1st album

In 2001 ten bands which was gathered from ten various scene contributed to the GRIFFIN which has been at the Japanese punk scene for a long time. And BS was singed out for the representative of all the Japanese grind core scene. This CD was out by Zorlac Sound Works/Flexy Nation Music Entertainment, Swedish label, PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY and Cypriot labels offered BATHTUB SHITTER to make single vinyls, and BATHTUB SHITTER recorded thirteen tracks at LM studio, and "MARK A MUCK" was out through PFC. and after some months, 2nd single named "ONE FUN" was finally released on German label, POWER IT UP, and in the same year, contributed some songs to two compilation CDs, "MURDEROUS GRIND ATTACK" on 625 Thrash Core of US independent HC label, and for "COMEBACK OF GOREGODS" on Czech Cult label, named BIZARRE LEPROUS PRODUCTION. Same year B's live became inactive for a long time in order that Sugiyama would go to Germany to learn music. Then Masato discharged Morikawa and Osho from BS. Soon Masato invited Sato of ex-HOPE as a BS member and Toru of ex-RAGING FURY as a support guitar instead of Morikawa and Osho. And this line-up waited for Keisuke to BS back from Germany.

In 2002, 4th single platter called ANGELS SAVE US was finally out as cooperative release from RUSTED LOCK records and NECRO OBSCURE TERROR records of Cyprus lying at the Mediterranean. Keisuke came back from Germany, and BS started live show again. However, After a few gigs Sato left Osaka for family reasons. So BS invited Kuroki who was B's staff instead of Sato, In later this year BS rereleased "97 plus 3 SHIT POINTS" 7'ep Euro edition on POWER IT UP, and "FERTILIZER" 7'ep U.S. edition on FIRST BLOOD FAMILY and contributed Rehearsal track "OVER KILL" to "WORLDWIDE VIOLENCE" comp 7' on Italian small label, named ZAS Productions.